GP Container

Part#: CON980223

The CON980223 was designed as an all-in-one shipping and workstation facility.  Equipped with a 15 Amp GFI 110 outlet, heavy duty overhead fluorescent lighting, workbench and 21.5 square feet of interior workspace, users can conduct maintenance with deployed gear out of the elements.

Dimensions: 97.5″L x 83.39″W x 95.5″H

Empty weight: approx. 1,600 lbs.



  • 4-way forkliftable
  • 463L pallet compatible
  • Empty weight approx. 1,600 lbs
  • Wired with GFI electrical outlet and overhead lighting via exterior connector
  • Configured with up to 12 cases
  • Bulk storage area with net
  • Work bench
General Purpose Containers

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