Aluminum Containers

IBC’s (Intermediate Bulk Containers)

IBC – Intermediate Bulk Containers – are typically used for transportation and storage of bulk cargo.  IBC’s are the container of choice for goods such as fruit juices, edible oils and fats, processed and frozen food, natural and synthetic rubber, and non-hazardous chemicals.   An IBC solution offers cost-saving benefits because they require less handling and are easily filled and discharged.   Aluminum containers are free from wood-borne insects and are easily sanitized to meet HACCP requirements.


Stackable and collapsible
Custom sizes, load and lid options
Drop doors available
Custom filling, discharge, gauge
and valve options
Heated or sloped floors available
Reusable or one-way bladders
Bladder locking devices and
bridges available
Solid robotic welds
4-way forklift access


Easy to clean and sanitize
100% recyclable – high residual
Perfect for long-term outdoor
Impressive strength-to-weight
Interlocking stacking pins provide


High return on investment
Excellent leasing program
Ideal for closed loop
distribution systems
Maximizes storage capacity
Maximizes transport efficiency
Will not rust